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We envision all breast cancer survivors dressing comfortably and confidently, regardless of surgical choices and treatments.

Here are three things that make our vision possible.


  • cutting-a-bra-575x383 cloth habit
    Bra Options for A Single Breast

    Q:   I had a single mastectomy and choose not to wear a prosthesis. It is impossible to find a single-breasted bra. I’ve tried jog bras, but they squish my one breast into the center. Thoughts? A:  Survivors have various re...

  • darlablog
    Have you tried a vest lately?

    Knit. Corded. Denim. Crocheted. Open. Zipped. Fly-away. Buttoned. Short. Long. Vests come in unlimited styles, colors, textures and weights. They are incredibly practical and versatile. A simple vest paired with a blouse or tee can:...

  • blousepic
    Lightweight Breast Form

    Q: I had a bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction and find wearing prosthetics uncomfortable. I was a DD with a small waist. Without prosthetics, my shirts do not fit properly. Is there a lightweight product that can help? A: A...


We believe…

Every breast cancer survivor is a masterpiece, unique and beautiful.

We want…

A breast cancer survivor to look in the mirror and see her inner masterpiece reflected in her outer style.

We envision…

All breast cancer survivors dressing comfortably and confidently, regardless of surgical choices and lingering treatment impacts.

Our hope is…

Every survivor smiles at her future!

Heart What defines a stylish survivor? Heart

The word style has several definitions. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, one definition is “a way of behaving or doing things.” The Stylish Survivor lives life to its fullest and smiles at her future.

Help fund program development.

Our current and future program development needs your support! Every donation helps cover start-up costs, program development and program delivery. The Stylish Survivor is a 100% volunteer run organization. So, your contributions give our vision life. Together, we can help breast cancer survivors dress comfortably and confidently. No more blending in! The Stylish Survivor smiles at her future!

All gifts are IRS tax deductible. Cash donations may be sent to:


The Stylish Survivor

832 Brierwood Drive
Manhattan, KS 66502

Donations are also accepted via Paypal or via our Get Involved page.
501(c)(3) status approved on November 27, 2013.

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